[Rev-Share]Artists and a Coder needed for Hex-Based RPG

Hello, Everyone!
My name is Nick, and I’ve been programming in UE4 for a little over a year now. I would like to obtain some help (1-2 artists/animators and one fellow programmer) on a project that’s been in the works for about 3 weeks now.

Project Description

  • Hex-Based Combat System
  • Recruit characters to delve into dungeons, explore, craft, mine, and more
  • Deep character development involving attributes (strength, intelligence, charisma, etc.), skills (Alchemy, weaponsmithing, enchanting, etc.), traits that characters are recruited with, or gain over time, and more!
  • Equipment system involving slots for various armors (arms, legs, torso, feet, head, etc.), Jewelry (amulet, rings), weapons (main and off-hand), and consumables.
  • Perk and ability system, (class specific) that allows characters to unlock different techniques, fighting styles, and such as they level up
  • Deep magic system allowing the learning of existing spells, or high level spellcasters to research and create their own!
  • Crafting that rewards experimentation.

Currently I am the only team member.

Talent Required

  • One Blueprint Programmer

  • Experience is a definite plus, but I’d be willing to teach as well

  • Ability to solve problems and work independently as well as with myself and other team members.

  • One or Two 3D Artists

  • This is a more open-ended position. I need someone to animate, as well as make 3D characters/static models, and texture.

  • Experience is even more of a plus here, because it is outside my realm of knowledge and I cannot teach.

    In general, I like to keep to a schedule and set deadlines. I make these in conjunction with the whole team, and I would like to hold meetings once per week to discuss progress, problems, and deadlines. We will be using Bitbucket for source control. It’s already set up, and ready for more team members.
    We will also discuss the story as a team, and come up for a title for our game (I am terrible at these) when the time comes.
    Contact me either by PM on these forums, email (, or discord (AngelOfDeathIX#8502)
    Hope to meet you all soon, and thanks for your consideration!