Reusing Game Modules in multiple Games


I have implemented a game module (Gameplay Modules in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation), but have some questions about reusability of game modules between different games. Currently, it seems that the source code for Game Modules must live within the Game project. However, I would like to be able to reuse Game Modules across multiple Game’s. Right now I don’t see a really nice way to do this other than copying the code to each Game. This gets real messy from a source control perspective. I’d like to be able to iterate on the Game Module separately and just integrate it into whatever Game I want to use it in.

Is this not currently supported or am I missing something?

I have read through a few of the community tutorials about linking DLLs and integrating third party libraries, but I feel like the solution should be simpler for Game Modules as they are first class citizens to Unreal Engine and the Unreal Build Tool.

If it is not supported, I’d be interested in knowing what it might take to support it so I may contribute a solution.


I agree it would be much nicer if the restriction on game modules being located within the directory tree of the project could be lifted.
At the moment my solution to this is to have a git repo for the module and use git submodules in each of my projects which require it. It works okay but since I’m the only one working on the projects, it’s a little bit more hassle to maintain than it needs to be.

Thank you for the quick reply. This is a good workaround.

I’ve always wondered; what use do people have for multiple game modules? Where do you divide your codebase? Any general examples would be useful.

I guess you always could make the module a plugin.
And add it to any project with the default assets and headers needed.