Reusing Animation blueprint nodes

In UE3 times anim trees were just trees of named template slots for animation and during the gameplay you could put any animation in those slots depending on the situation.

Like there was a blend between walk and reload then you could put any animation in the reload slot from the code depending on the weapon and not needed to put separate branching nodes for each weapon reload animation.

How do you do that in UE4? is it the “SLOTS” node ? or something else?

How do I use Slots?

Well done , but anyway doesn’t that mean you have to place a default animationSequence node for it which you cannot rename to something more logical?

From a AnimSequence, you can select that and in the detail setting should be right bottom in default. From that you can show the AnimSequence as pin, from code you just need to make an BlueprintPure function to feed the AnimSequence. This what i do for my game.



seem like u must place at least 1 default there, i try with none but it give the error

and you cannot rename these nodes either! there must be a better alternative

there’s one way is u can make your own Play Animation Node, but it require some coding involve. But if with just the name, it’s not big problem, already save a lot of time with this.