Reusable Grappling Hook?

Hey everyone, Sorry I’ve been asking for so much help on these forums. I just like to have the possibility of someone coming along and making things easier on me while I tinker around with stuff in the dev kit. With that being said, is there a way to add a pick-up section to the grappling hooks? I see it in the arrow/bolt projectile files, but it simply doesn’t exist in the “ProjGrapHook” file. Is there a way to manually add it in?

There’s already a mod that does this, so if you’re doing it with plans on uploading it to the steam workshop or something, there’s not really any point. I believe the way that the mod has it set up is that it creates an entirely new item, and then just has it so that the grappling hook creates another one on use

It’s for a total conversion mod that is changing ALL of the weapons, and ammunition. I’m tweaking resources and damage (I’m sorry but a single bullet should not take several ingots of metal to make, let alone one.) That way the already existing mod gets to keep it’s relevance, for those that don’t want to use my TC.

EDIT: I would also like to add, that I do not want it to function like the already existing mod. I do not want the “ARK gods” to magically put another grappling hook into the player’s inventory. I want it to have a chance of breaking and capable of being picked up when it doesn’t break, just like the arrows in the game. But I am unaware how to add additional arguments to items without getting into the actual code, which the dev kit does not allow.

The only thing I can think of is to add a collider to the projectile and work with overlap events to simulate a pickup - the easier solution is of course to just add a new ammo item when the projectile is spawned (= fired).
I also got a reusable grappling hook in my TC but for now it is only “magic” as I have not had the time to experiment further.