Returning to Unreal Engine (Lighting)

Hello all,

I tried unreal engine a while ago and was able to achieve these lighting results (See attached). This was a few engines ago when you needed to ramp up the settings to max and tweak the ini file. I’m wondering do i still need to do all that to achieve these results or has the quality in the newest engine improved without having to do all that?

Recently I’ve been trying to match these results in the new engine without tweaking the ini file and i can’t get anywhere near this. I remember i think i just used a simple skylight to light this scene and that was it.

How can i achieve these results now and what lighting system should i use because i can’t get it to work just using a simple skylight anymore and i don’t want the sharp shadows of a direct light.

Many Thanks!

Thanks the GPU Lightmass by Luoshuang worked really well. Very fast too.