Return To Player After Sequence Stop

I am currently hitting an issue where returning to my actor after stopping a sequence results in a new camera being added and used by my player character.

The setup is pretty straightforward, I call play on a looping master sequence at level start, and I am stopping the sequence when the player hits the “start game” button. If I run this flow without playing the sequence, it possesses my character and camera perfectly.

On the sequences, I have blend enabled and the cameras set to spawnable. The sequence uses its own series of cameras.

For the actor, I’ve enabled the “Find Camera Component when View Target” and have made an “Enable Component” call to the camera, after stopping the sequence, to make sure that it is active. I have also run “Set View Target With Blend” with the character actor as target and I get the same created camera result.

I can see through print screen/logs that the view target is set to the correct BP, and the new camera attaches directly to the actor you end up in control of. No matter what Ive done, if the sequence runs, it creates a new camera for the actor it returns to.

**Basically, anytime I play the Master Sequence I am unable to access the camera on my character. If I disable “Auto Possess” on the character and attempt possession after the sequence is stopped, the camera does the same. If the character is set to auto possess and we don’t run the sequence, it jumps right to the character camera.