Return of Rusty Iron

Centuries ago, obsolete models of robots were sent to a distant star system. They had to deal with planetary terraforming in this system, after which they would rust and remain, providing the future colonists with iron reserves.

As time passed, the project was suspended and the program for space exploration was closed. The robots had been long forgotten, as well as the stellar system into which they were sent. The robots, however, didn’t forget! Their intelligence somehow evolved, and they desired revenge for the fact that people sent them off to die. Their anger grew stronger from the fact that the people didn’t even come to the planet they prepared for them! From the remains of their fellow tribesmen, the robots built an artificial planet-ship. With the aid of fragmentary data, the exact location of the people was discovered and the robots set out to destroy the traitors.

You are Rusty Iron: scientist, inventor, and the last hope of humanity. Having learned about the approaching danger, you invented a unique suit that protects the owner in any environment, that is capable of withstanding incredible overloads, and can handle the heavy fire of enemies. It’s time to save the Earth from the invasion of the robots!


  • More than 5 different levels

  • Open spaces and narrow corridors

  • Dozens of enemies

  • Various weapons

  • RPG elements

  • Hurricane gameplay

  • Randomly generated tasks

  • Flying with the help of wings

  • Slow-motion!

  • Many bonuses and secrets

  • HUGE bosses

Steam GreenLight page:

HI DevideByZer0,

I like what you’re doing here. Coo Game Title. I really appreciate the art style. Are you developing this work-of-art Solo?

Hello. Yes. I’m creating code, 3d models, textures, story and art solo.

A JACK-OF-ALL-TRADES!!! Looking good. Thats what I’m aiming to be. I like your feature set, trying to get some of those in my game, but, I’m no where close to having something playable. You are a inspiration.

Posted a comment on Steam. Keep up the Great Work!

Thank you very much! You game is very good. I like maze games in VR :slight_smile: Return of Rusty Iron have VR support in small free part of game named: Return of Rusty Iron: VR Experience :slight_smile:

Thank you, DevideByZer0. D$G is not much of a ‘game’ at this point. I’m too lazy to do it all myself. So, I’m developing in-game multi-user construction BP applications for Entities and Level, firstly, so I don’t have to build my game alone. I also heavily invested in assets from the Unreal Marketplace to save time, when I actually start developing a ‘game’.

You did spark my curiosity on couple of features. Can you elaborate on these features below?

  • Hurricane gameplay

  • Randomly generated tasks

Hurricane gamplay: sometimes you have thousands of enemyes. You must kill them with weapon, skills and special abilityes. In the air and on the ground.
Randomly generated tasks: game analising player actions and skill level, generate random mission for player level with random goals. :slight_smile:

Ah, Hurricane aka Horde Shooter aka BulletHell. I love those types of action games. D$G gameplay has some of that gameplay with heroes battling hordes and Titans. I’m also a huge proponent of Procedural generation. Its another methodology I’m employing to create content with less team members. I use everywhere at various layers. I would assume your task generation includes proc gen architecture and landscape?

In Return of Rusty Iron generates only missions, enemyes, bossesd, some parts of architecture, mission goals and names of things in game. Lanscape generator is to hard to do for me at this moment :frowning: mission generator works only on “open world” levels. My game have corridor and open world levels (for telling storyline) :slight_smile:

Hi DevideByZer0. Sounds pretty advanced to me. In regards to Proc landscapes, Terra Nova is a in-game procedural landscape generator which may serve your purpose. It uses procedural meshes which I personally feel offers more flexibility. Epic Tutorial on Dungeon Room generation, which could be used for any type of building interior generation, just a matter of whats used to construct and populate the rooms.

I favor the use of Maze Algorithms that generate the maze wall by wall to procedurally generate Architecture, because they can scale for a variety of purposes simply by changing out the actors/meshes that represent open/closed walls of the ‘Maze’. For example, use a Maze algo to generate a the interior of a Apartment Building with Open/Closed Rooms, generate a City Block with Open/Closed Streets, generate a Maze of Forest Trees. I elected to use a Depth-First Search algorithm for the Maze Generation in D$G, designing it be re-used in other game products by scaling. If you’re using Blueprints, I could offer assistance in blueprinting your own system.