Return Node Request

Hello friends,

Currently in blueprint function that has void type there is no way that i can call return.Just like in normal program if we call return it will return to the caller function.But in blueprint to get these result i have to use branch or some other method that increases number of nodes.Can sometime tell whether return node exists if not can it added in future unreal release?

Return node Execution is done anyway (you can notice it from the Event graph, you have the return even if you do not add the return value).

You can add a return value editing the Details panel when you click on the function. You can define both input parameters and output return values

I created a void function for that i can’t specify any return type in output parametres.

can you tell how to add return node for void function.
I have condition
void Test()
playerpos = oldepos;
playerpos = newpos;
Can you tell how to do this via blueprint without branch or some other condition.I don’t see any return node for void type.