Retro Rockets - HUNT | SURVIVE | AVENGE - Kickstarter + Free Demo @ 2 April 2019


Retro Rockets is a first person multiplayer game set in a retro futuristic setting, inspired by the 70s.

In Retro Rockets, a group of three Retronauts is tasked with rebooting space stations, while being hunted down by Destructo, a deadly machine. Destructo’s ultimate goal is to destroy the entire space station.
Surviving Retronauts must not fear though! Killed Retronaut players will return as a formidable Securobot. This security robot provides protection with its powerful weapons.
During the struggle to win, each party will have an array of gadgets, weapons and abilities available to gain the upperhand.

As a asymmetrical multiplayer, Retro Rockets offers a multitude of playstyles. Each character comes with it’s own play style, strengths and weaknesses.

Retro Rockets will be coming to Kickstarter at 2 April 2019!
During the campaign a free demo will be playable!

Add Retro Rockets to your Steam wishlist to know when the demo is available.

Project Info
We at Emissive Games, a small dutch game studio, have been working on Retro Rockets for just over 2 years now. This is our first project after university.
There are actually no actual programmers in our team. All the programming is done in blueprints by our tech designer and myself, a tech animator.
We are using a few plugins to expose some more bits and bobs to get the functionality we need our of blueprints.

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