Retro Kitchen Accessories






The pack is based off a retro UK kitchen, currently updating all textures to be 4k after gauging interest on resolution size, might include both 2k and 4k? Depends what people think. Feedback is welcome! Each model was made in 3DS Max and textured in substance painter, uses PBR. Microwave, kettle and breadbin are “functional”, so the lids can be removed or door opened. Planning on pricing it around 30$? Looking for peoples honest thoughts on the price, I don’t want to undercut myself too much since I need the money to fund my own game.

The pack currently contains

  1. Floor Cleaner
  2. Instant Coffee
  3. Electric Kettle
  4. Used Milk Bottle (Might add a version with milk in it too?)
  5. Mugs x 3 (3 different textures for variation)
  6. Plates x 3
  7. Sugar, coffee and tea pot holders
  8. Tea Box
  9. UK Plug Socket
  10. UK Plug
  11. Dish Soap
  12. Tuna Can
  13. Soup Can
  14. Bread Bin
  15. Microwave

any thoughts? thanks!