Retro Futuristic Train Station

Hello everybody!

Decided it was about time to start and share some stuff with the community in hope i can learn from critiques and advices.

This is one of the projects i am working on at the moment and its purpose is to learn texturing & lights.
Its mostly empty apart of some chairs and some Star Wars old movie posters (one could not resist)

In the end i would like it to be some sort of retro futuristic train station, hopefully some advices in that direction would also be great!
I cannot thank Epic enough for this amazing engine and for the opportunity to be apart of this amazing community!

Retro Futuristic station (1).jpg


Retro Futuristic station (3).jpg




Retro Futuristic station (7).jpg

Retro Futuristic station (8).jpg



Cool! Put Luke or Vader at the top of the stairs back lit! :smiley:

:slight_smile: Maybe in the end i could make a scene were they come down, one on each stair, finding each other on the corridor, and instead of fighting they glance one another dead serious and catch a train together or something!!! heheh that would be cool!

That would be an awesome scene! :smiley:

Do it! LOL

I would dial the reflectivity of the floor down a bit, very little reflection. The lights color and intensity just seems out of place to me, not entirely sure why though. The texture for the SW Empire Strikes Back looks like it was not scaled universally.

But it looks pretty good though :slight_smile: I’d like to see it further developed.

that wall material looks great. is it from the reflections sample?