retrieving items out 2d grid execution macro

Hi All,

Not sure if there is like an introduction required, please let me know it thats the case.
I just started programming in ue4 engine mainly because of the blueprint feature. Not being a “real” programmer and coming from grasshopper and rhino that seemed the most obvious step. But while starting there seems to be a quite big diffrence in logic. And i’m getting stuck directly at imo basic stuff.

I saw a nice video about procedural generating a map ( in this case a dungeon like thing) and the guy who programmed this was using the 2d grid execution macro.

While fiddeling around with it i was able to generate some random stuff but i’n not succesfull in retrieving the polygon centers.

I think i can make a array with with a for loop. But then i get stuck. Can you guys help me out?

Thanks in advance Reinder

Hey Guys,

An update about my problem:

About 7 hours further i’m not able to find it on the net (probably looking in the wrong place).

So far im able to make 2 array’s Next logic step for me is to do the compare. But im ot succeeding in getting for example the index numbers for the items wich are true to the compare. End result would be for me a new array withjust the elements in it wich are true to the compare. Can you guys please help me?

Kind regards Reinder.