Retriever jump animation in multi jump (replicated)

Hello all I am looking for a way to re-trigger my jump animation. Currently I am using a single frame jump which I may change into a multiple frame job so that it has a partial beginning this way the body will move when triggered again.

For replication sakes I am entering the jump animation based on just a simple bool Jan when the key is pressed it puts you into the jump animation this is replicated and is working .

My landing state is based on is not falling or is walking.

Entering the animation is simply by pressing the button sets jumping Boolean to true.

However I want the jump animation to restart when I press the jump button again that way it doesn’t look like he is just simply suddenly gaining altitude again.

I’m trying not to over complicate the animation blueprint but I am wondering if I’m going about this the right way .

Should I have it so when the bull Jan is true you enter the animation this animation then changes based on is falling to the animation for which you are in air to the jumping and then have it returned to the jumping start based on the boolean is true for jumping which would then return using is falling to the holding jump animation , from that point in the holding animation it’s statement to end it is again based on not falling or is walking ?

Retrigger gg autocorrect