Retrieve landscape max and min positions


I wish to place set of actors at random positions around a landscape at the start of a level. How do I get the max and minimum X and Y values of the landscape (assuming the landscape is flat)? Is it possible to work this out from the Sector, Quadrant and Component values?

Would it work for your setup to use the Actor Bounds to find a random point then do a trace from the top down and use that hit position?

By retrieving the Landscape class and looping through the actors, the Origin can be utilised to get the size. Have attached the bluescript below. I hope this is a reliable method. If there is anything to watch out for, then could you please add a comment?

The Extent property from the Get Component Bounds node is how far each side of the Origin the component extends. So the minimum and maximum [X, Y] values of the landscape are [Origin.X-Extent.X, Origin.Y-Extent.Y] and [Origin.X+Extent.X, Origin.Y+Extent.Y].

Somehow my get component bounds returns 0 for both origin and box extend. Does someone know how this could happen?