Retiring soon, looking for like-minded mature hobbyist/s for casual future projects

I’m about to retire after 32 years in the IT industry (in Melbourne, Australia), and intend to fill parts of my days with UE4 hobby projects.

I’ve been dabbling in game programming, just for the fun of it, for a fair while now, and was thinking it might be nice to collaborate with some like-minded mature hobbyist level game creators and see what we can do.

It might end up in us releasing some free stuff or attempting to get some simple games out on the market and see what happens. In the end I just think it might be a whole lot more enjoyable sharing the process and learning from each other, or sharing the frustrations.

No, I don’t want to build some AAA MMORPG or any other major undertaking. I plan to keep it simple and concentrate on some fun gameplay.

I’ll be going down this path regardless of interest here, just seeing if anyone is on a similar journey and wants to come along for the ride.

My background:
sysadmin from the old mainframe days, then Unix and PC sysadmin, then into programming UNIX based programs and web based applications briefly covers my career.

I’ve played with a number of gaming engines in the past and have now settled on UE4, but I haven’t had enough consistent spare time to finish anything significant.

PM me (or reply here) if you are interested in collaborating and just seeing where it goes.