Retargetting Issues

First of I’d like to start with the obligatory apology for if this has been covered before, if it has I’ve not been able to find it.

I’m having an issue with my re-targeting of animations. I’m borrowing the sword fighting animations from the Couch Knights demo and trying to re target them onto the Blue 3rd Person Model. I’ve managed to get the animations onto the Blue Man and to re-target them so hes not all hunched up but for some reason his feet are in the ground?

I’m not sure what is the cause of this or how I can solve it so that I can use the Animations for a combat prototype. If someone can tell from my vague description and can explain now to fix this I would be eternally grateful.

Many Thanks

check the retarget options of the root bone, and the actual location of the root bone in both cases. I’d say one is probably at the feet while the other at the center of the model
if this is the case change the Bone Translation Retargetting option for the bone to be the Skeleton option

Thank you very much. Now to get attacking animations working :slight_smile: