Retargetting HeroTPP to Third Person Mannequin

I am trying to let the new white character in UE4.10 (in the third person template) use animations from the animation starter pack (which uses the HeroTPP skeleton). When I try and re target the animations, I get weird results. Any help would be appreciated. If someone could briefly give or point me to a tutorial that would be very nice.

There is a problem with the base TPS template animations and character, the TPS Template animations are setup with the root bone rotated incorrectly. The skeleton has the root bone rotated Z up/Y forward and the anims have it Z forward/Y down. If you enable “show bones” you will see the incorrect rotations, to get a good visual of it make a quick 1D blendspace and do a blend between a TPS template anim and one from the anim starter pack and you should see the weird rotation occur when you slide through the blend space…any of the idles should work for the visual or the run from TPS and the sprint from anim starter pack are good visuals too I hope this helps. Try the anims here and let me know if they work better for you: TPS Corrected Anims