Retargetting animations via Blueprints.

Hi mates,

as the title said, is it possible to retarget animations via Blueprints?
I was thinking about an RPG where you can customize the charachter height from dwarf to Giant.

If i have reference animations, can i retargetting them to match the unpredicted proportions changes of the main player Skeleton?

Thanks in advance.

Retargeting in Unreal 4, as an opinion, is not really ideal as the more characters you add the more difficult it becomes for a single individual to maintain and the workload increases exponentially.

As a perspective trying to add animations to another character that requires unique movement and behavior, by retargeting run time, is like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole so workload wise it would be easier to author the animations as being unique and switch out the BP it needs to use.


A lot of different sized characters using the same rigging can us the same animations using the inherited feature of the component character part of the pawn or character BP.


Any component connected to the capsule will or should inherit the relative scale change of the capsule which would included any animations assigned to a single rig.

Thanks for the precious informations. :cool: