Retargeting problem


I’m trying to retarget animations from one of Kubold’s packs to my own character.

Most bones look ok. Some don’t, making everything unusable. Example (it’s the same animation frame):

I’m not extremely familiar with the entire pipeline, so here’s what I do, just in case:

  • Import character with default options
  • Select humanoid rig, making sure all bones correspond
  • Change the bind pose to correspond more or less with the mannequin’s. It’s not an exact match (no tools available in the editor to achieve an exact match), but visually it’s similar.
  • Retarget animation with default options

Any help?

I’m not super familiar with retargetting, but I believe on the advanced options for your skeleton after you retarget, your per bone settings needs to be set to “skeleton” in stead of “animation” on every bone underneath pelvis. You can right click on say the first spine and recursively set all to skeleton, so you don’t have to do one by one. From my limited testing in the past, I think that is your problem here, but not sure if it could be something else.

That solved the issue, thanks.