retargeting messing up even though skeleton is the same

I am having trouble with an issue that is really confusing me. For some reason, even though the same skeletons are being used to retarget animations, the result still results in deformation. I understand the complexity of manually matching everything when the skeleton’s are not exactly the same. But why I am having trouble with animations rigged to the same standard 3rd person unreal character is really confusing me. For example, if I start a new 3rd person project, and in addition to that the Anim Starter pack that is free on the market place, and then used a pack that I bought on the market place such as Movement Animset Pro which are made for the standard UE4 skeleton, there is still distortion in the angles of arms and other parts. But they are all using the same skeleton. I’ve tried researching this and either the tutorials are outdated, or they deal with problems of sharing animations with different skeletons. Can someone give me guidance as to what I am missing here?

did you set up the bones for retargeting as it’s on the left side of this pic?:

Are you certain that the same standard A-Pose is being used on the other skeletal meshes? If you go into the animation tab and the bind pose is the same, then there shouldn’t be problems. I know some of the packs use T-Pose instead, which would cause the issue.

mzprox, I didn’t go into the properties of the left side picture as there no need for scaling since I was using animtions which were already on the same default skeleton that you start out with when creating a new project-the 3rd person blueprint default. Karma4jake yes I made sure that the A pose was the same for both. Perhaps if somone could answer my question regarding a situation where one would be sharing animations brought in if importing the anim starter pack from the marketplace assets that I see so widely spread. I figured that simply setting both skeleton’s to be as humanoid rigs should be sufficient. Is there a small step I am overlooking?

I also had this problem with a character from marketplace asset, all bones where good but mesh parts were rotated. I guess my poses was too different but for me there was not a huge difference and I haven’t found a solution to make them really equal, on top of that bones were not at the same position.

In the skeleton tree there is a button " options" on top left of the tree, and the option “show retargeting options”. I’ve set all problematic bones (in fact all bones exept root and pelvis) to “skeleton” instead of “animation” and everything is good now (I did this after retargeting so I don’t know if it works before). It can be worth to try

Hey Grot, would you mind showing a screenshot of that?

Yes, look in the skeleton tree. It concern deform bones exept pelvis

Hey Grot, sorry I did not answer sooner. I just realized that I had missed this message. I will look over it and get back to you by the end of the weekend. Thanks!

By the way with show options enabled you can also right click on any bone in the hierarchy and set recursively all bones to skeleton, then set the pelvis individually to animation