Retargeting glitches for iClone character

I imported this iClone character and am currently trying to apply motion captured Xsens animations on it. I’ve correctly linked the humanoid rig between with the xSens animation. This animation works fine on the Unreal Character. I’ve also correctly linked the humanoid rig to the iClone character but when retargeting the animation these weird arm glitches happen, i’m assuming that this is because of the position of the lowerarm joint but i didn’t find any way to fix it.

PS: I am a bit new to Unreal Engine, i might have missed something obvious.

Check this
There is a link to a vid explaining how to import CC3, Using Icone installer probably the same…

Thanks, i already saw that video/post but it uses the unreal skeleton for the iClone character, which i have already tried and creates problems at the feet by curling up the heel shoes. I wanted to keep the iClone skeleton but i’m guessing that won’t be possible. Thanks anyway.

Compare the pose for each character. The Unreal character is typically in an A pose. You’re skeleton above is a T pose. If there’s any mismatch it will result in the problems you’re seeing.
Check the Unreal docs for details on setting the pose.