Retargeting First Person Animation to Third Person

Hello i am looking for somebody who to Retarget First Person Animation to Third Person(in a clean way not just retarget clump animation).
Or creating from the First-Person Animation new Third-Person ones.

Hi [USER=“2906343”]Philipp H[/USER],

From my experience, It doesn’t work well. I’ve attempted this in the past with the goal to transition between third / first person modes with a single mesh. In mutiplayer the FP animations are visible to other players and look awkward.

In pursuing a single character mesh solution, I’ve found greater flexibility to just use third person animations with a true first person mode by attaching camera component to springarm attached to head bone. Additionally, this approach significantly simplified adding new animations, character customizations, and character dismemberment. Improves the memory footprint, with only requiring one character mesh loaded, vs two.

I’m using ALL of the Kubold Animation Packs + a few otherswhich are all Third Person. In fact, a Majority of the Character Animation packages are Third Person. In my opinion (and others will disagree), I think you’ll achieve a better implementation with third person animations + true first person camera setup as its more natural and how we humans mobilize in real-life.

From my perspective, the primary goal of FPS animations is to keep the Limbs + Weapons within Camera View during Weapon Firing/Reload, Kick/Punches. Camera shaking may also be a concern when directly mounted to head bone. There’s a simple solution to these issues. You can easily smooth out the camera shaking by mounting cam to spring arm to head bone. You can put Weapon reloading and into view by adjust camera orientation like rotating the camera to look the weapon as it reloads, or look downward when boot/kicks

Thanks for the reply looks like i need new animations then.

What is your goal?