Retargeting custom skeleton to work with Anim Starter Pack

Hello, so i started learning working with unreal and MakeHuman which has been going on well so far. But now, i imported my custom made mesh into the UE4 Project and Retargeted it with the UE Mannequin. Also i made it work well with the basic animation (Idle_Walk_Run). So, i imported Animation starter Pack and figured out its pose is different from that of the Idle_walk_run. ive tried retargeting recursively the animation but my mesh went distorted. any idea how i can go about it because my character needs to carry a gun which is why i imported the Anim Starter Pack. I need Help, Thanks.

This is what my Mesh Looks Like after Retargeting with the Mannequin Skeleton:

This is the other GunFighter pose i want to retarget (incase someone odesn’t understand what i meeant by that):

Are your bones below the pevlis bone following the skeleton or did you keep animation in the retargeting options. Example:

Btw. you could use “Alt+Print” on your keyboard and paste the screenshot image via CTRL-V into some paintprogram. Should be easier than taking a screenshot via some camera and would be easier to view afterwards. :slight_smile: