Retargeting bone problem at fingers

Hi, I know it sound like a basic problem with a basic solution. In fact, i have retarget before, but this time i`m not fixing this one.

when retargeting from Maniquin to my char, everything goes wel until it reach fingers.

Strange contorted poses appear at finger as seen in screenshots.
Setting Bone “Translation to Recursively Set Translation Retargeting Skeleton” have no effects.

Joints orientation fingers are ok in Maya just like all the other and there is nothing between parents and sons.
At the time i have no idea what i`m doing wrong.

I though to rebuild whole arm joints to discard any bug but i dont want to work in vain.

Please, any suggestion?
Thanks in advance!

Well, fixed.
It was a joints naming mistake.
I mirrored side left to side right with bad string replacing.
As a result, retargeting had “none” in those bad named bones.

My fault, sorry.
You can close this one.