Retargeting anims (non-Mannequin) - how ?

Retargeting is one of the few aspects of UE4 I hate with passion :frowning:

I have a skeletal model (character) I exported from Blender and I have a set of anims of the same character I exported from Akeytsu. For whatever reason anims don’t work right if I use Blender’s character skeleton when importing FBX with anims made by Akeytsu.

How can I make Blender’s character use anims from Akeytsu’s character ?

Thanks beforehand

P.S. All tutorials on retargeting out there seem to assume that a character needs to use anims from Marketplace (Mannequin anims).

If these animations are for the same mesh, it’s not a problem of retargeting, it’s a problem of import. You need to make sure that bones hierarchy and names are the same in skeletal mesh file and animation files.

If Akeytsu animations have different skeleton, you need to import them to the second skeletal mesh and then retarget between two skeletons inside of UE4.

Aye, thanks. All good now. There was an issue with FBX export from Akeytsu.