Retargeting Animations crushing problem

So, with my test project, I’ve tried to retarget from the animations starter pack, to my mesh/skeleton that I imported (I used the same skeleton as the base SK_Mannequin, and just deleted the finger bones.
All the base animations that came with unreal 4 work on my skeleton, because it’s the base skeleton with some modifiers, however, retargeting makes most of the bones crumple up / get closer together.
I’m using the FBX 2012 exporter,
with units in CM.
The below video shows my process of retargeting as well as showing that the default animations work and the starter animations weren’t (all bone names are the same for both meshes)

I would really like to find a way to fix this problem, i want to set my meshes/skeletons up for my characters so that I can use any animation on the unreal market place :slight_smile:


  • Scott

I’ve figured it out,
it seems retargeting once you’ve made changes to the base skeleton doesn’t actually work out so well, so i restarted my project, I then imported the marketplace animations first.
After that fact, I retargeted to the base skeleton, then imported my own skeleton/mesh based on the SK_Mannequin
This worked,
it seems a specific order is required :slight_smile: