Retargeting Animation; What am I doing wrong?!

Hey all, I’ve been struggling to retarget a set of animations all day. I have my target skeleton set up with a root and it seems to be working fine. I have rigged it using the ‘humanoid’ setting and mapped the appropriate joints. I have a set of basketball animations that uses a different skeleton. I rigged that skeleton using the ‘humanoid’ setting and also mapped the appropriate joints. I also have the default unreal skeleton that is mapped properly. So 3 skeletons total. When I retarget my basketball animations to the default UE skeleton, it works perfectly fine. When I retarget my basketball animations to the skeleton I intend to use, the animation doesn’t turn out right and is all wonky. Does anybody have any ideas as to why this is? I’ve posted a video depicting the issue below. Thanks!

First guess: the bearded dude’s root bone is not where it’s supposed to be. Do you see how the connection to the root bone is red compared to every other character? That’s because it appears the bone is not located at (0,0,0), but instead seems to be right where the hip bone is.

Can you adjust the root bone’s position in an external app and reimport the character?