Retargeting animation fail because of "post process animation blueprint"

I spend more than 10 hours to try to understand how to link UE4 with Miwamo animations, in the end there was bug in UE4 that didn’t display the “Source Skeleton” when remapping unless I drag the source Animation in the workspace at least once…

Now that it worked once I try to set up all how it should be, but now my target looks like this:


I have a message saying: "Post process Animation blueprint “ThirdPerson_AnimBP” is running. Post process modifies curves.

EDIT: in my main character mesh I unlinked the “Skeletal Mesh”, then I can remap like before, but when I do my Skeleton is static T-POSE even when I launch the game:


Can’t I have both thoses things fixed at the same time ?

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