Retargeting Animation Change Base Pose to A Pose


I am using Unreal version 4.17.1, and I’m trying to retarget an animation from a Mixamo animation source. I cannot seem to get the base pose of my source skeleton to change to the “A” pose from the “T” pose. I am in the Retarget Manager tab.

Every tutorial I’ve read says to click the “Save Pose” button in the lower left of the panel after translating the arm bones in the viewport to the “A” pose…however in my version there is no “Save Pose” button that I can see. There is only a “Modify Pose” and “View Pose” button – but NO “Save Pose” button. What steps do I need to take to save the “A” pose once I have the model in the “A” pose position in 4.17.1.

I have the source animation “skeleton” as humanoid. And I set up all of the rig bones to match their proper slots (i.e. arm, leg, hand, foot, etc).

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As soon as I posted this I think I found the answer. Just posting in case it helps other people. Apparently in the Retarget Manager, you simply need to click the “View Pose” button once. THEN pose your character how you want it. Then click on the “Modify Pose” button and select the “Use Current Pose” option. Then click on the “Save” button in the upper left as usual.

You can then “hide” or “view” the pose and it will switch between the default pose and your modified pose. This allowed me to set the retarget source with the “A” pose skeleton that I wanted.

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