Retargeting animation blueprint screws up mesh.

I posted this over in the UE4 Answer Hub with no luck so I wanted to post it here.

So I added an armature to a lego minifigure model in blender this morning and I went through the process of animation retargeting found here:

First of all, when I imported the .fbx, I noticed the hands look all wonky. It’s almost like they look inside out (see first pic). If you have any idea how I could fix that, please let me know.

But here’s my real problem: After I used the retarget manager to set up the rig using the humanoid pre-set, and retargeted the ThirdPersonAnimBlueprint to the minifigure, the minifigure’s mesh got all messed up. Basically, it looks like a little exclamation point (see second pic).

I can run and jump all over the default level just like I should be able to, but I just look like a ridiculous punctuation mark jumping all over the place. Any idea what I did wrong?
Just to make I had the procedure right, I went thought the process of retargeting the SWAT skeleton from the mixamo character pack. I had no problem retargeting the third person animation blueprint to the SWAT guy.
Any help you could give me would be very much appreciated.


well I cant help with the second problem but the hand issue is caused by flipped normals, in blender go into edit mode select the hands and then go to the “shading” section of the tool bar and under “normals” click “recalculate”, then just re-export/import and it should be fixed.

Awesome. I’ll give that a shot. Thanks!