Retargeted my first character

nailed it

I know that feeling man

Looks just like the one I just tried lol.

Looks cool. What is it though? :slight_smile:

you really need to check and do all the bones other wise it does …

Yeah, I tried remapping some of the animations from the Owen skeletal mesh to the an exosuit one. I lined the bones up as best I could but the Exosuit is missing the 2nd spine.

you have followed this tutorial Animation Retargeting (Different Skeletons) | Unreal Engine Documentation

Yeah, I’m going to try to use a model from the matinee example. I think the bones might line up better. Thanks for the link though. I wish I could give you the extra skeleton mesh I used but it’s the one that came with the 101 muzzle flashes.

ok it might be an idea if you contact the supplier to see if he can help you, or ask it your allowed to to share the character to get help, you can always tell them its me “geodav” who is helping you as i’m fairly well known around here for not spreading other peoples content

Just out of curiosity if I bought the item on the Marketplace am I not supposed to make posts with its content? or is that at least rude to do without referencing the supplier? last one, If he sells 101 muzzle flashes and there is a character in the pack am I allowed to use the character?

to be honest i’ve no idea, it’s one reason i’m against the whole market place thing , people sell the content but rarely support the users that buy it, the same goes for tutorials.

ask the supplier first then move on, if you don’t get an answer with-in a few days then its up to you to decide what to do

I didnt buy the 101 muzzle flashes, but I saw the youtube video. The model in the video is from the epic’s shooter game example. You can use that guy in your UE4 projects, videos freely.