Retargeted Mocap Import for Maya ARTv1 Tools Not Working

I’m currently taking a summer class on Unreal 4 and enjoy using the ART tools greatly.

Running into a problem though, my retargeted motion capture files from Motion Builder for Unreal’s mannequin won’t import in ART tools correctly.
It just makes this painful looking Captain Morgan pose and sets the time to -1 and 0, likely due to ART tools frame offset option.


I’m at a complete road block due to a lack of experience in Motion Builder.
I have also already watched Epic’s ARTv1 tutorials on Youtube as well.

Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks!

I’m having the same issue with maya 2018…any updates?

Same issue here! I think I am missing some steps when exporting mocap .fbx file from Motionbuilder. Has anyone found a solution for this problem?