Retargeted mesh Arms broken for no reason, looking for any help I can get *(Files Provided)*

Hello, this is bugging me and I have no clue how to fix it or even to think about what could be affecting it…
I provided both files down bellow, so if someone could take a look, you will be a lifesaver!
-What’s the weirdest is that only the arms are broken/out of position…everything else is fine.

Here are some screenshots to show exactly what is happening:

Here are the files: (The Girl_old is the original and the Girl_new is the one where its broken rn)
Girl_new.fbx (1.2 MB)
GIrl_old.FBX (943.8 KB)
Girl_old_walking.FBX (556.0 KB)

-I’ve also posted an animation that goes with “Girl_old” so you can retarget to the “Girl_new”.

Again, if anyone can point me in the right direction I will be eternally in debt!

(It is rigged in 3Ds Max)

You would better with matching animation or add the cloth bones to the new skeleton if you want that to match but its possible here is your retarget

On new Girl Skeleton right click Create Rig
Set new girl retarget to this
Set old girl retarget to this and match bones
Can not skip bones so Biceps is the closes thing to Clavicle so use it twice

Hey, thank you so much for your reply. Yeah, about the cloth bones, I dont use them in the old one as well, so they are not important here.

I will try what you did here, awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee I was for a whole day trying to change stuff and nothing seemed to work. I will try this and post my progress or if I have a question.

Thank you my good sir.

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