Retargeted animations not available to use in Sequencer

I’ve retargeted some animations, that appear to work when loading them in the character BP.  But when putting the character BP in a sequencer and trying to select the animation, only one random animation appears (I’ve retargeted two that should work, and it seems like there are others that actually came with the character BP).  Does anyone have an idea?  Here is a video

And maybe more importantly for my own sanity, I’d love to know what people out there do when stuff like this happens.  Something that clearly looks like it should work, yet clearly doesn’t.  Are there any tricks, like migrating a level into a new project or something, trying to reset it (whatever it is) that people out there do to get around this kind of crap?  Because this kind of crap seems to happen to me on a daily basis and what are you supposed to do when you create an animation and then want to apply it and UE just won’t show it to you?


Did you ever figure this out?
I am having the same issue ?