Retargeted animation not on ground


please help me.

Any imported, retargeted animation is not stand on the ground, but up a few inch/cm.
I tried with the SK skeleton, the starter anim pack skeleton, not helped.

Now my character walk in air, inches from ground. Changed the bones too, not helped.

When im creating blendspace, and start from a good (on ground stand)animation, then continue with one of the imported animation, the character move up little.
This is so frustrating, no solution in the past few days.

Help please, thank you.

Try moving the physics asset bodies for the feet so they line up with the mesh. That works for me.

  1. Exported the animation asset to fbx.
  2. Imported this fbx with -17 “Import Translation” on Z axis.
  3. Retargeted, now looks good.