Retarget to Another Skeleton function is missing in UE5

There was a useful function in UE 4. Right click on Skeleton asstet → Retarget ot another skeleton
It basically replaces the skeleton in all assets, related to this skeleton. In montages, blendspaces, anim blueprints, blueprints - everywhere. It was useful when you updating a character with big changes, like removing some extra bones and adding new ones. Couple of mouse clicks instead of couple days of work.
This function is absent in UE 5.0. Will it be added in future updates? Or may be there is some work-around that allows to change skeletal mesh in all files related to certain skeleton?


You could use IK Rigs and the IK Retargeter.
(Right click in content browser → animation IK Rig / IK Retargeter)

I can’t see how IK Rig and IK Retargeter could replace the function that I mentioned above. To clarify - I am not asking how to retarget animations in UE5. I need to replace the skeleton in all assets related to it.

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Just Keep Backup copy of skeleton you want to delete and Know Rclick Delete skeleton it show option to replace skeleton check dropdown menu for which skeleton you want animation to retargeted and hit replace button , warning msg press “Yes”.
Now you can find the new skeleton by Rclick by all animation with File>>selected all.
Save All in Menu UE4 drop down.
If you don’t understand still follow this : [NEW] UE4 Marketplace Animation Packs in UnrealEngine 5 (IK Retargeter) - YouTube
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It motivates me to post answer : )


Wow! Thank You! This should work! So simple! Can’t believe I didn’t figured this out myself :slight_smile:

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Hi! I am also trying to retarget many animations and replace them, so they don’t have to be reassigned inside many montages, blueprints, etcs.

I don’t understand Amir_0717’s solution and video, would someone be able to explain further?

If I delete the old skeleton, to then replace it with the new one, it just reassigns the new skeleton to the old animations, with no retargeting. At what point does the IK Retargeted or IK Rig get involved?

if it change skeleton than no need worry about ik retargeting or anything.
bcoz it will just using same skeleton which already has sockets and ik , so on.
you can change mesh in Char_BP.
Complete Retargeting is done few seconds.

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