Retarget Source Skeleton To UE4 Mannequin Skeleton in Maya LT

I’m looking for an experienced MayaLT animator/rigger who can retarget an animation for me.

Problem to solve:

  • Source FBX with animation, slightly different skeleton than UE4. Needs to be retargeted properly to UE4 skeleton

You’ll get:

  • A MayaLT file with my efforts so far (I gave up on it, can’t get knees and hands to retarget properly)
  • Source FBX (animation only)
  • UE4 Mannequin FBX

I expect as result:

  • A MayaLT file with character definitions and controls that work flawlessly, so I can import and retarget more animations with it.


  • PayPal
  • SEPA possible for EU residents