Retarget Root Motion Translation Scale

Is it possible to properly (as in to prevent foot-sliding) retarget root-motion animations to skeletons of different Scale/size? All the examples I’ve seen show either in-place retarget, or root-motion retarget to a same size skeleton.

When I try to adjust the Pose of the Source Skeleton (scaling the root-bone down to 0.5) to match the Target’s (half) size, the retargeted animation root-bone ends up scaled to 2. Instead, the root-bone ‘animation’ should be scaled down by half and the root-bone itself should remain as 1 (to avoid up scaling the target.)

It seems that no mater what Translation Retargeting settings do I use the retargeted animation compensates the scale difference by scaling the root bone UP instead of scaling the root animation DOWN.

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BTW I’ve seen some posts about using CPP’s SetAnimRootMotionTranslationScale to fix this issue but looks like this is still not exposed to Blueprints