Retarget Pose asset for early release MHC (where is it?)

Hey all. In the “sample project” released February a retargeting pose asset was included with the project. Paired with that, the documentation suggested (still does) using this asset for ue4 skeleton retargeting.

When I export a Metahuman with early access, I can’t find a retarget asset. Am I missing something? Is this because it’s still early release? I assume there should be a retarget asset for each skeleton frame.

Because of this my current workflow is mannequin → February asset skeleton (using pose asset) → new asset skeleton

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The documentation you’re referencing is for the Metahuman preview. Currently, attempting to use the re-target pose from the standalone project results in a crash. Epic Staffer @Dig_Squid mentioned that the documentation should be updated soon: Mixamo and MetaHuman? - #4 by Gord10Ahmet

Yeah, understood. I saw that post after as well. I have found a couple of workarounds, where it will work without crashing. I just want to understand what the new process is as it’s not documented outside of the preview project, and my workaround methods are bit a longer. I’ve also had some success with direct targeting skel → skel, but I’m leery as previously those had some issues, especially in the fingers.

Some commentary on best practice would be great. Sounds like @Dig_Squid is digging into it.

you can retarget pose asset from sample to new metahuman skeleton. After that adjust retarget settings on new skeleton (set all bones to skeleton except root and pelvis, they need to be animation) and problems with fingers will gone.

Good thought, that’s similar to what I was doing. I was targeting animations from UE4 Skel to the sample asset’s skeleton (using the pose asset) and then targeting again from that skeleton to the new MHC skeleton. Your way is a little cleaner, target the pose asset first to the new MHC skeleton and then go from UE4 skel directly to the new MHC skeleton. Similar concept, slightly different approach. Still thinking this is only a workaround and temporary until we get the official MHC release.

MetaHumans will soon come with 18 retarget poses to help them retarget Mannequin animations and also help retargeting between different MetaHumans.