Retarget Paragon's characters animations to the manequim

Every tutorial i find in internet is about retargeting Manequim Animations to Paragon Characters (And i can link many many many others videos).

But untill now, i didn’t find any video of the reverse process: Paragon’s Animation to the Manequim. So i wonder if this is even possible because i didn’t see aynone doing, so… Also, if yes, how to do this? If i want to use Wukong’s attack animations (wich can give us some nice staff attack animations), how would i retarget/use it in manequin (and then of course share with all others characters that uses the same manequin skeleton)?

or it is impossible?

Retargeting works both ways just fine. The real problem here is that Paragon characters have a lot more bones than the mannequin. This includes weapons, clothing, accessories, hair, facial rigs and sometimes extra or mismatched twist bones. All animation data for bones not in the Mannequin is lost.

Every paragon is different some are simply too complex to retarget well to the mannequin but other like Wukong should transfer over quite well. If all you want are locomotion and attack movements sans weapons and clothing. The bones to support that pretty much exist as is in the mannequin. This should just work.

Thanks for you comment! I just wanted the basic body moves (walks, attacks, jumps, you know, everything “muscular”). Just the body move. So it is possible doing the same way you retarget to a different skeleton, but with the source and the target inverted now. Right?

Yes that should work. Like I said every Paragon is different, sometimes the twist bones can cause problems. You need to try it to be certain.

Hey dude, You found a simple solution?
Here is mine (its good for my actual learning prototype ;))

On Mannequin Skeleton in content browser:
Right click -> Create -> Create Rig
Open Mannequin Skeleton -> Retarget Manager -> Select Rig (Select Your new Skeleton File here)

Open any Paragon Skeleton and in “Retarget Manager” select the same Rig.
After after Rig Selected, Check down Source/Target List for any Bones with wrong name and adjust acordingly.

Now You can right click any animation from chosen paragon character and Retarget Anim Assets -> Duplicate Anim Assets And Retarget

please let me know if you find a better solution :rolleyes:

Wukong is a pain in the a** to retarget. The IK hand root was moved to the chest on spine 03 and all staff animations are offset from the hands after retargeting. Adjusting the mannequin pose to put the ik root in the same place gets the staff in the general location of the hands, but all the bone rotations are different on wukong as well, so retargeting leaves the weapon just out of the hands. Correcting for as much of the rotation difference as possible in the mannequin pose helps a little more, but the resulting idle and staff spin and others are just offset from the hands with the ik_hand_l and _r popping off of the hand_l and hand_r bones regularly when watched in slomo. Using runtime IK nodes like two bone or hand IK does not fix the problem either. If you force delete the wukong skeleton and let the system auto replace with the mannequin skeleton, when you play the animations the mannequin is squashed down due to the hunched over posing of wukong and the difference in his bone structure. Haven’t found a way to properly correct in either of these cases yet.