Retarget Manager Crash when changing bones

Attempting to setup retargeting Humanoid Rig with one of the Mixamo Free Sample skeletons. Basically when I add the rig all bones are set to none. Start selecting bones, and I mistakenly picked the wrong bone at one point when I attempted to change the bone to the correct one, editor crashed.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create new project (using 3rd Person BP)
  • Import Mixamo Character pack
  • Open any of the Mixamo Character Skeletons
  • Click Retarget Manager
  • Add Humanoid Rig
  • Click dropdown for pelvis and set to Hips
  • Click dropdown for spine_01 and select Spine2 (incorrect bone)
  • try to click on dropdown to fix the mistaken bone (system crash)
  • So far repeatable every attempt.

I would also like to add that a really nice feature would be the ability to export/import the bone mapping to a txt, csv etc… In the example of the mixamo characters they all have the same bone hierarchy so an import would greatly speed the process if retargeting multi skeletons from the same generation source.

Hey B04GTR,

I was able to reproduce the crash locally and have entered it as UE-16172. I’ve also entered your feature request as UE-16174.

Thanks for reporting these!!


Just an update. This should be fixed in 4.8 preview 4. Let me know if it’s still occurring for you.

It’s still occurring to me in 4.9.2 :stuck_out_tongue:

Any suggestions?

Hi bryst_m153,

I am unable to reproduce this in 4.9.2 or 4.11.0. Could you please provide some additional info on the circumstances surrounding your crash?

These are the steps from UE-16172. Can you try these and tell me if it crashes for you? If so, please send the callstack.

  1. Create a project based on the Third Person BP template
  2. Locate the Character’s and open in Persona
  3. Select the Retarget Manager icon in the toolbar
  4. Under “Set up Rig” click on the dropdown
  5. Click “Select Humanoid Rig”
  6. Change any of the assignments in the list with the dropdown
  7. Select that same assignment dropdown

Result: Crash
Expected: Dropdown reappears allowing you to select a different bone