Retarget Animation

I’ve checked the retarget definition and all looks correct so was wondering if someone might have a suggestion as to how I might be able to fix the arms on the animations after retargetting?

I retargetted from an animation based on the SK_Mannequin mesh.

I’ve tried messing about with the retargetting and changing bones to see if it was in the bone assignments but I do have the correct bones assigned.

I also exported the anim to Maya, seems UE4 only exports the skeleton and I removed rotations on the arm bones then reimported but it had no effect.


Hello YV -

If time allows, the first thing you need to do without even attempting retargeting is to make sure that your model and its skeleton are 100% compatible with the Epic Male skeleton. It might take some time and effort to do so (it will probably involve editing or editing the skeleton of your character in your 3d program of choice and re-exporting it) but once you do that you will be able to use any animation directly without the need for any retargeting or animation re-recording.

In other words : you may think that your solution lies in retargeting ; but if your goal is to work cleanly in full compliance with UE workflows, then your issue lies elsewhere.

I’m pretty sure this is a base pose problem, you need to be precise in order to get good results. Can you share the base pose you’ve got now?

Thanks for the responses, I found the issue. The base skeleton was in A Pose and mine was not quite the same so I set the base skeleton to something that more closely matched the pose then retargetted and it solved it