Retarget Animation Causes Target Mesh to Shrink


I have imported a skeletal mesh from Blender into UE4 4.6.1.

I have followed the tutorial on Animation Retargeting (Different Skeletons) and then ultimately retargeted an animation to my imported skeletal mesh.

The problem is when I open the animation copy (retargeted version) the target mesh itself is tiny, although it is correctly animated.

I had the same problem initially importing the blender skeletal mesh (it being tiny after import) and had to scale it up (x10) as part of the export to FBX.

Is UE4 losing the scaling somehow? Have I missed a step?

Thanks in advance

Did you ever figure out the answer to this question, im coming from unity and stuck trying to retarget my characters from there…

I had to recreate the fbx file and reimport and it resolved the problem.

FBX implementations seem to be a bit finicky between applications

Im still trying to get this figured out, i can get them in at the right size, but once animated they still shrink down to 1/100th of the scale. i swear ive tried everything ive found on the subject…

I assume you are using blender, have you looked at this?

Also, I had to use AutoDesk FBX converter to convert exported FBX from Blender so I could import to FBX to UE4. Are you doing this?

Wow thank you for the speedy response and help!
Yes i am using Blender, and not using the fbx converter, i was exporting them from blender directly.

On that doc that you just posted, it says this:
Certain objects added via Blender’s Add menu (Shift + A) will not be up-to-scale, such as Cameras, Empties, Armatures, or Text objects. These must be manually scaled up x100 if you have a need to use them. (be sure to apply the scaling with Ctrl + A > Scale, especially for Armatures!)

it seems that thats what is happening, the armature seems to be small and the mesh large, although when viewing the skeleton its at normal scale, doesnt shrink until the animation is retargeted, i can scale everything up in the character BP, but that causes a bunch of other problems.

Thank you for your time and effort!