Retarget and export?

I have a character that i rigged using Blender’s Rigify and i would like to use with it a few animations that i bought from the UE4 marketplace. Unfortunately, i can’t export the animations after retargeting them to the Rigify skeleton. The reason i want to export them is because they need a few tweaks, so i want to put the anims back into Blender, working with my rig, and then export them again. Is this possible? Are there any other re-targeting tools that could help me do this?

what do you mean you can’t export the animations after retargeting?

There is a new feature in 4.16 that allows you to do this, check Unreal Engine 4.16 Released! - Unreal Engine and search for Animation Export. There are no guarantees the animations will work for your rig though, it didn’t for me. The rig had been UE4ied. :rolleyes:

UE4ied? You mean it renames the bones or something?

No, the bones had the same name. Actually testing it a bit more it should be possible to constrain the exported rig to the original rig and bake the animation from that. But you can just try it and see for yourself if it works for you.

I’ll download the new version. Thanks for the heads up!

I meant constraining the original rig to the exported rig.