Retaining Bone Rotation at all and/or Per Animation Sequence?

After getting access to some mocap data, I retargeted the animations in Motionbuilder and then to those in UE4.

However, Retargeting can only help so much when you have an assortment of wildly different rigged characters with different skeletons. In my situation, this usually presents itself with odd looking bone positions/rotations. For example, maybe the shoulders hang a bit low, or the arms stay a little too closw to the torso, or the root bone ends up just hanging out drinking a cold beer about three feet above the floor.

And so, while I’m fully aware of the whole proportional retargeting (animation, skeleton, anim scaled, and anim relative.) This only helps so much.

So my question is that currently, is there a way to save things like rotation and translation offsets with a particular animation? Or even just per skeleton? If not, is this something that Epic could incorporate into Persona? I’m sure it would turn out to be an invaluable upgrade to UE4’s already robust animation tool.

If it’s older BVH animation the base rig’s rotations is usually zeroed out so in MotionBuilder you could try selecting all of the joints and set their rotation transforms to zero. For me this this usually results in the t-pose Z forward position making it easy to auto rig and retarget imported animation.