Retainer Box material not receiving texture

The error is that you do need a texture sample. Set the texture, then compile the material.

Glad to help :slight_smile:

Fresh project just to test this

So this widget is drawn to the screen on begin play in the gamemode


The widget box has 3 boxes:

  • Left = Image widget with the brush set to the Retainer’s output material.

  • Middle = The actual Retainer which has a white image filling it. Retainer parameter name is set to “Test”.

  • Right = Just a red image so I can see the widget is being drawn to the screen.


Set to User Interface and Opaque, Using a texture sample I got by holding T and clicking (also does not work if I right click and actually search for texture sample, so I would assume i’m using the right node.) Right click the sample and convert to parameter and change the name to “Test”.

And right there, at that step, error in the sample. and in game, nothing.

So what am I doing wrong?

Of course, it’s always the smallest things you miss. Thanks