Retainer Box Makes Combobox Buggy

When the HUD is wrapped in a retainer box, the combo box behaves differently from normal: a scrollbar appears on the side and the menu items have to be clicked several times to be selected. Depending on the clicking speed, two or three clicks are needed - two when clicking slowly, three when doing a quick double-click.

Here’s a video that illustrates the issue: Retainer Box Issue - YouTube

When no retainer box is used, one click is always enough and there is no scrollbar.

Is there a way to fix this?


It was suggested to me on AnswerHub ( to un-tick “Retain Render”, but that disables the effect for me (Retainer Box Issue 2 - YouTube)

The only reason I’m using the retainer box is to be able to apply an effect to the whole UI at once - a super useful feature. Does anyone know of another way to do that, without using the retainer box?

Bump. It would be really useful to apply a material/effect to all UI elements, and I know of no other way than the retainer box. Help!