Retail Simulation (but more) Looking for a team

Hey guys!

I have an awesome idea for a game I would like to work on. I am looking for a team to help get a demo together. This will be a kickstarter/investor made game so once we get funding in place we will set up payments.

The idea for the game is pretty simple. Think an advanced version of the Robloxs game Retail Simulator.

I want to create an online simulation of running a store. You will start out in a smaller neighborhood and work up to a major store, or multiple stores. The goal is to have maybe 10 to 20 people per server. You will be able to build stores like Walmart or jewelry stores, gas station ect. You will have to manage inventory, the layout and design of the store, lighting, music and an exterior that will draw in customers to make money.

I want to go a step further though and allow players to use that money to buy cars, build a house, have mini games like bowling, go karts, darts, ect.

I think this would be a really fun light hearted multiplayer game.

I am looking for a full team to help flush out a demo. Shoot me a message if you have any questions or can help.

I like the sound of this. Concepts, lore and dialogue threads are my specialty. Send me your email so we can come to an agreement.