Retail Asset Pack

My goal here is to create a full set of groceries, all faux branded. I had a quick look to see if there is similar on the marketplace and didn’t find anything. It’s proving to be a lot of repetative work (unsuprizingly), so my drive is waning. Is there any demand out there for this? Could do with some encouragement if you think you would buy this :). Thoughts on pricing etc?




As a reference i’m using a petrol filling station store, so in terms of scope this will be mini-mart level with retail refrigerators, racking, magazine stand etc.

Ideas on dynamic/ interactive features welcomed also. At the moment I have static meshes of stacks of groceries to keep the object level down, my thought being if you wanted to say pick up a single candy bar I could sneak a single static mesh somewhere within the stack and have that one and only that one interactible.

Looks great, for sure it will be useful to any modern-era games.