resuming AR session has fatal error on lst lanuch

I used unreal 4.27 but ARSession has problem make black screen after restart ARsession. it is funny that it is solved after restart app. Try to find this issue that how to solve. this issue is not appear recently so update unreal 5.1.1 to use arseesion again. error is still occurred and addtional Info in ARSessionStatus print “fatal error occurred when updating ARCore Session. Stopping and restarting ARCore Session…”. i am not sure this problem is fixed. please help me

unreal 4.27 → googleARcore 1.18 android sdk -29 ndk 21.3.6528147 java jdk1.8.0_301
unreal 5.1 → same

I believe this is a known bug Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-116035)